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Inside Outside, (18:20 min)

June 2015, Danish

Madame Helene again films her slaves. This time the slave is fucked inside his cock with long steel ureathal sounds and afterwards he is fisted almost to the elbow. The rewards cums immediately as he cums over his body. Enjoy !!


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Slave Torture, (16:47 min)

November 2011, Danish

Madame Helene really enjoys playing and tormenting a slave. In this session the slave asked for saline balls, needles, golden shower and electro sex. Enjoy !!


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Saline Balls, (15:11 min)

August 2008, Danish

Madame Helene's clinique is often visited by patients requiring to sense their genitals, ass, balls etc. This patient is no exception. 1,5 litre of saline water injected. Anal usage, ureathal expansion.. nothing is too bizarre - do you date to watch ?

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Fucked inside a giant cock, (12:41 min)

April 2008, Danish

Madame Helene fucks her patients cock from the inside and uses it for bizarre fixation including electrostimulation. Really naughty medical play with a giant cock.


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Slavemilkning, (9:30 min)

June 2007, Danish

To empty a slave for sperm without allowing him to ejalculate takes a lot of coorporation - but provides an ecstatic feeling in the body. Madame Helene expands his ureathal and milks the slave for sperm.

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Ureathal Play, (9:31 min)

March 2007, Danish

Complete control - expansion of the ureathal - stimulation - cold steel perforating the body - curious ?? Madame Helene uses a slaves body for medical experiments. The ureatal is gradually expanded while electrol chocks are sent through the slaves ass. Truely bizarre and naughty!


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Nurse Helene, (15:31 min)

November 2006, Danish

Madame Helene has a private clinique at Pleasure House. Genuine hospitalbed, fixation, gyn.chair and lots of equipment. You can meet naughty nurse Helene - dressed in original white gown.

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